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Androvacuum is an excellent first line treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) and helps to improve sexual performance.



Androvacuum is the perfect solution for those with erectile dysfunction because it does not involve medication which can often come with dangerous side effects. The penis pump not only treats impotence over time, but it can also be used to achieve an immediate erection. A motor located in the Androvacuum penis pump works to create a vacuum around the penis when the cylinder-shaped device is placed over the penis. The vacuum action of the device safely stimulates the penis and causes blood to rush to the area. This achieves erections and improves sexual performance. The effects of the vacuum are immediately apparent, and the device can be used to enhance performance from the first use.

The way that the device works is based on a medical concept which has been proven to be effective. The stimulation of the penis and the regular flow of blood to the penis that is induced by Androvacuum creates an erection. When the device is used regularly, the body eventually is able to reach erection without the assistance of the penis pump. The pump can be used to increase overall sexual performance and improve intimate relationships that may have been damaged due to impotence. Erectile dysfunction can seriously impair a man's sexual health, and the Androvacuum is a non-surgical, drug-free and safe way for a man to regain confidence and enhance pleasure.

Begin by placing sealing gel on the base of the penis and cylinder. After you place Androvacuum over your penis simply activate the pump by pressing the power button. This will slowly take air out of the cylinder and create a vacuum around your penis. Because there is negative pressure around the penis it will cause blood to flow to this area filling the erectile chambers and produce an erection. Once you have achieved an erection you can either remove the device completely or use one of the constriction rings to prevent blood from flowing back out of the penis.

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Package Includes:

1 x Pump Engine - Electronic motor to create vacuum*

1 x Medical Grade Cylinder - Penile tube

1 x Ring Loading Cone - To load the rings onto the outside of the tube prior to use of the system

2 x Cushioning Ring - Helps with comfort of tube being up against body and helps to create a good seal against body

1 x Constriction Ring (large) - Used to maintain the erection by holding the blood in the penis

1 x Constriction Ring (medium)

1 x Constriction Ring (small)

1 x User Manual

1 x Instructional CD

1 x Personal Sealing Gel - For ease of loading rings, and used to help with creating a good seal against body

1 x Guarantee Sheet with 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

*Two AA size batteries required