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Many people often ask us the same questions in relation to penis extenders and enlargement. Below you will find a list of the most commonly asked queries but if you still can't find the answer to your enquiry you are more than welcome to contact us on 1300 935 470 and one of our customer service agents will help you.

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What is the foundation behind Andropenis?

Andropenis is based on the medical principle of traction. When applied in a controlled, gradual and progressive manner on the penis, the force of traction will stimulate the growth of the suspensory ligament of the penis, corpus cavernosum, and the rest of the penile tissues. That is to say, an enlargement of the penis.

Has the principle of traction been used in medicine before for other purposes?

Yes. In modern medicine the principle of traction has been used to create new tissue for skin grafts, for the elongation of bones and to create new skin with hair to cover bald areas. Also the principle of traction has been used in ancient cultures to create long necks like in the Giraffe women of Burma and to create longer lips in certain African tribes.

What is the maximum growth (penis enlargement) I can obtain?

It all depends on the individual, but approximately Andropenis is able to enlarge up to 2 inches in length and up to 1 inch in girth.

What is the minimum growth that can be obtained?

The minimum growth is of 0.5 inches. The average growth is 1.5 inches, based on 95% of the patients.

Is the penis enlargement both in erection and flaccidity?

Yes. Andropenis produces a proportional permanent penis enlargement in erection as well as in flaccidity.

Can Andropenis help to correct penile curvature or to treat Peyronie's disease?

Yes. Andropenis is a medical device especially designed to treat penile curvature and Peyronie's disease. After a period of 6 to 7 months of treatment with Andropenis you will be able to correct up to 70% of the curvature. There will be a marked improvement.

Are the results obtained with Andropenis permanent?

Yes. Andropenis provides permanent penis enlargement. Cellular multiplication leads to a permanent growth of the penis tissues.

Will the glans of the penis enlarge too?

No. Andropenis does not produce glans enlargement. Andropenis will only enlarge the shaft of the penis. The sensitivity of the glans will not be affected.

Does my penis become thinner because of the lengthening produced by Andropenis?

No. The growth produced by Andropenis is proportional throughout the whole penis. There will be an increase in length as well as in girth since the new tissue formed creates more volume and occupies space in the penis.

What is the ideal age to begin treatment with Andropenis?

From 18 years on. Treatment with Andropenis can also be done in older men. Our research included men of 60 and 70 years of age and it showed traction will stimulate the growth of tissues at any age.

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Is there any pain while I use Andropenis?

No. Andropenis is absolutely painless. Although at first, users may notice the presence of the product, but as you get used to the device, this sensation will disappear.

Should I remove Andropenis when urinating or defecating?

Yes. When finished simply replace Andropenis onto the penis.

How can I use the Andropenis discreetly?

The easiest way to hide Andropenis is to use it during work hours or when you are out of home.

Can I wear Andropenis at night?

Yes. Although many patients wake up with the device dislocated due to movement or night erections. In those cases, Andropenis should only be worn 3 hours per night. We recommend Andropenis should not be worn at night during the first few weeks of usage or until you feel totally comfortable with handling the product.

If I have an erection while wearing Andropenis, what will happen?

Andropenis will slip off your penis. You might feel a little pressure, but it should be painless.

Can I wear jeans or tight-fit clothing while using Andropenis?

You may wear jeans that are not too excessively tight.

If I am sitting for a long time, can I use Andropenis?

Yes. You will just have to stand up and walk a few minutes in order to let the blood flow. You might need to adjust the device if seated for long periods.

Will Andropenis rust if exposed to water? Can it be washed and how?

No, Andropenis will not rust. Andropenis holds the European Union Certification which guarantees that it is free of any harmful defects. It is recommended to wash Andropenis once a week with mild soap and water.

Do I have to put oil or grease on Andropenis?

At first it is not necessary, but we do recommend that you apply small amounts of oil on the bars in order to slide up and down more easily after 3 to 4 months of use.

What is Andropenis made of? Does Andropenis need batteries? Can it cause electrical shock?

Andropenis is a traction device that does not need any batteries, and therefore cannot produce electrical shock. Andropenis is made of plastic, silicone, and metal bars covered with 24 carat gold for those who are allergic to nickel. Andropenis is used to enlarge the penis up to 2 inches in length and 1 inch in girth, the results produced are permanent so the inches gained will remain forever. Andropenis is also used in post-operatory treatment after phalloplasties to prevent scar retraction. Andropenis is the only effective penis enlargement device present on the market.

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Is it necessary to seek the advice of a urologist before starting treatment with Andropenis?

At first no. Although for those patients who do require strict medical control or who feel they would need medical follow-up it is preferable to seek the advice of a specialist before starting treatment with Andropenis.

Do you have any hotline for patients experiencing difficulties with Andropenis? Or just to have more information about the use of the extender?

Yes. We provide all our clients with a free medical hotline where they can talk about all their doubts and problems to a doctor, who will help them. You can phone us 24/7 on 1300 935 470 or if you prefer you can use our live support button.

Is it possible not to obtain an enlargement of the penis or notice a very slow increase in size?

According to our experience, there is a 2.5% non-success rate. However, if you do not notice any result you are welcome to call us and ask for a doctor who will study your case to find a solution. Remenber that we offer a free medical hotline!

How do I know when I have to adjust Andropenis?

After purchasing Andropenis, you will be provided with a manual which clearly explains how the device should be regulated during treatment. However, you are welcome to call us to discuss any issues you have.

How long should the break period be while using and not using Andropenis?

Andropenis should be worn at least 4 hours per day. You can spread out these hours as you wish but we do recommend a rest period every 2 hours where the Andropenis should be removed for about 5 minutes. The resting period will depend on the sensitivity of each patient.

What will happen if I forget to use Andropenis?

Nothing. But the key to the Andropenis treatment is to be constant so try to wear it every single day. If you don't use it one or more days, try to wear it longer next time it is used.

When the Andropenis treatment is over, should I continue using the device until I obtain maximum results?

No. There is no point carrying on with the treatment more than 12 months as the force of traction will be unsustainable and may be harmful.

Is it necessary to use creams, ointments, or pills to enlarge the penis?

It is not necessary to use either creams, ointments or pills to enlarge the penis. You can obtain maximum results by using Andropenis only.

Is it necessary to use creams or ointments during treatment with Andropenis?

Not at all.

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Are there any side effects with Andropenis?

No. If Andropenis is correctly used following the instructions of use, there will be absolutely no risk of side effects.

Will the force of traction produced by Andropenis affect erections or cause sexual impotence?

No. The penis will erect into its usual form without any complications. Also sex drive will improve immensely with a penis of larger dimensions along with better erection quality.

What is the average length of a penis?

Between 13-15cm long or 5-6 inches (according to the ethnic background).

On what does penis enlargement depend?

Penis enlargement depends on the genetic and tissular development of the penis.

If I am a diabetic, can I undergo the Andropenis treatment?

Yes. As long as you are under strict medical supervision, and if you maintain proper hygiene of the penis.

If I have any cardiovascular problems, can I still undergo the Andropenis treatment?

Yes. There is no risk involved.

If I have been operated on for prostate cancer or a tumor around the prostate region, can I still undergo the Andropenis treatment?

Absolutely not, there is too much risk involved.

If I have varicocele, or hydrocele, or prostatitis, may I undergo the Andropenis treatment?

Medical consultation is advised.

If I have any sexually transmitted disease, may I undergo the Andropenis treatment?

No. The disease must be cured first.

Is the slight pressure that is caused by the device harmful or painful?

No. Because Andropenis is adjusted accordingly to the size of the penis and its growth. If the instructions are strictly followed there should not be any discomfort.

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Are there any scientific studies that prove the effectiveness and safety of Andropenis?

Yes. Numerous scientific studies conducted in various clinics throughout the world have shown the efficacy and safety of Andropenis. See the product description for more information about this doctor recommended device.

Who are you? What experience do you have?

Bondimedical is an international medical company with 11 years of experience in the field of penis enlargement without surgery and the distribution of medical supplies throughout the world. We are an authorised reseller of Andropenis, the only recognised medical device for penis enlargement.

Is the Andropenis treatment effective?

Yes. The Andropenis treatment has been proved to be effective @ 97.5% in several scientific studies carried out by Andromedical as well as by independent doctors throughout the world.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

The device is covered by a full 1 year manufacturer's guarantee.

How long will it take before I receive my order?

One of our best assets is FAST EXPRESS SHIPPING. Once you have completed your order, you will receive your Andropenis within 24 to 72 hours.

Is the shipment discreet?

Absolutely. You will receive your order in a VERY DISCREET WHITE BOX, with no mention of its contents or sender.

Do you guarantee clients' privacy?

Yes. Your personal data will be treated in accordance to the law for privacy.

How can I order Andropenis?

We offer different kinds of payment methods in order to make the process of ordering Andropenis very easy. You can pay by Credit Card, PayPal, Cash On Delivery (Please note cash on delivery is only available within Australia), and Bank Transfer! So what are you waiting for?

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