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Using a Penis Enlarger to Increase Length and Girth

Millions of men struggle with the embarrassment of an inadequate penis size. While some people may believe this is an issue that does not deserve attention, embarrassment regarding size can cause self esteem problems and even affect relationships and hurt the intimacy of a couple. Penis enlargement can give men back their confidence without the use of painful and often unsuccessful surgery or pills that are not proven to be effective.

Andropenis provides proven results which have been confirmed by documented scientific research. This extensive research has proven an average increase in length of 0.5 centimeters (0.2 inches) per month while the device is used as directed.

Although the device is the often used as a tool for adding length and girth, there are other medical issues related to the penis Andropenis is able to treat. A disease identified by a marked curvature of the penis known as Peyronie's Disease affects as many as one in ten men. Many of these men resort to surgery because their doctors are not aware of our traction device which can safely and effectively correct curvature by up to 90 percent. Surgery is painful and requires a lengthy recovery time. Surgery is often not as effective as Andropenis, and surgery will not offer the additional penile enlargement when treating this condition.

The surgery recommended to correct Peyronie's Disease has also been found to result in scarring and can actually lead to a retraction and shortening of the penis. Using Andropenis is more cost effective, safer and yields better results than surgery.

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Understanding the Science Behind Traction

Medical reports show our penis enlarger is scientifically proven to increase the size of the penis and correct the curvature associated with Peyronie's Disease and potential users of the device may be wondering how Andropenis works. The science behind our penis enlargement device borrows a concept used by African tribes for thousands of years and has been adapted by plastic surgeons to enable grafts to stretch skin and cover the area to be reconstructed.

The tissues in the penis are elongated when our penis enlarger is worn, and there are tiny tears in these tissues that start to form as the penis is gradually stretched. The body then repairs the gaps and new tissue is formed resulting in a larger penis.

This powerful principle allows Andropenis to gradually add length and girth to the penis. The device is discreet and used under a person's clothes to allow it to be used at all times without the embarrassment of having others know a penis enlargement device is being used.

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Why Should You Choose Andropenis?

There are plenty of enlargement products on the market who promise similar results to those Andropenis offers. However, these companies do not have scientific results available to back up their claims. Andropenis has been involved in numerous medical studies conducted by professionals in the field of scientific research and urology, and all of these studies have concluded our penis enlargement device is highly effective at making the penis longer and correcting curvature.

Other companies claiming to have products with penis enlargement abilities offer items such as pills which are supposed to help enlarge the penis without actually working with the tissues of the penis. Medical studies have not shown any significant success with these supplements, and herbal remedies not regulated by the TGA or FDA may even have negative side effects.

The traction method used by our device for penis enlargement is safe and effective. The process is gradual to make sure there is no risk of damage to the penis, and our penis enlarger has even been quality tested and certified by the British Standards Institution (BSI).

Quality and safety are two key factors which are important to the manufacturers of Andropenis. The third factor of importance is whether there are satisfactory results for users of our penis enlarger. It has been documented men who use Andropenis have enjoyed an increase in erect length of 5 to 8 centimeters (2 to 3 inches). This is a permanent increase that is seen after an average of six to nine months of continuous use. A permanent increase in the girth of the penis after using our penis enlarger for the same period of time can be up to 3 centimeters (1 inch). As mentioned above, our penis enlarger has successfully corrected curvature of the penis by as much as 90 percent.

Urologists are now realising the benefits of Andorpenis and prescribing our device to patients instead of surgery.


Rest Assured Your Andropenis Will Be Delivered Discreetly

Some men are afraid to order Andropenis because they are under the assumption the penis enlarger will be delivered in a package that states information regarding the contents of the box. Men wishing to purchase our penis enlargement device can rest assured that it will be sent with discreet packaging that will not be marked with any information about the device that is enclosed.

Our product is sent directly to the customer's home to make sure you are the sole recipient of the package. The package will be clearly marked with the customer's shipping information so that the person who ordered the device is the person who receives the product. There are no pictures or text related to Andropenis on the shipping box, so there is no need to worry about neighbours or family members finding out what is inside of the package unless the customer wants to personally share this information.